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Our stay in Pune December 2015

We went to Pune from December 6th to December 21st 2015. We left from Brest and landed in Mumbai the next day. We arrived safely in Pune after an overnight flight and a three-hour journey by coach, accompanied by our penfriends.

If you want to know more about our trip there, you are welcome to browse and have a look at the selection of photos underneath.

Enjoy your visit!

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Just a few words about Pune:

Pune is situated in the state of Maharashtra. It is a thriving city of about 4 million inhabitants which has been attracting many research institutes and firms. Hence students and professionals from all over India and abroad come to Pune to study and work. Pune is India’s most important automotive hub hosting companies as Land Rover, Wolskwagen, Daimler Benz… and is home to many IT companies. It also hosts many universities, among them Symbiosis College.

DAY ONE: Our arrival in Mumbai

Monday 7th December

DAY TWO: KOLWAN VALLEY, about 50kms away from Pune: we were given an overview of the area. Then, after a typical Indian breakfast, we visited Zilla Parishad Primary School in Nanegaon village, a school for 4 to 9 year-old children run by a governmental organisation. 2015-12-08 07.36.52

2015-12-08 07.37.02





2015-12-08 08.50.282015-12-08 09.12.34






We performed a breton dance for the pupils and they also sang for us in Hindi.

2015-12-08 09.15.002015-12-08 10.08.46


2015-12-08 10.11.33



2015-12-08 09.24.45

We had lunch at Gomukh‘s center, which is a farm producing organic food using sustainable methods. Below right, our guide for the day, Ashwin.

2015-12-08 12.41.33 2015-12-08 10.50.03   2015-12-08 11.05.31  2015-12-08 11.05.47 2015-12-08 11.59.07

DAY  3: SYMBIOSIS COLLEGE: we attended a few lectures and particurlaly one about the icons found in Buddhist caves. We were also shown some typical dances and songs.

P1060622         P1060638P1060633      P1060668

DAY 4: Early rise with a yoga session on the hills of Pune, followed by a presentation of Indian textiles and a « French girls’ fashion show » :

P1060706  P1060710  P1060738 P1060748 P1060795

After lunch we headed to the Kelkar museum by rishshaw, a ride full of (scary) emotions, and ended the day by a visit to Vishrambagwada and a bit of shopping at the SMILE Non- Governmental Organisation whose aim is to help women in distress.

P1060801 P1060799

P1060826  Traffic in Pune           P1060854

 Kelkar museum  DSC_0525  DSC_0537  DSC_0552  DSC_0615

DAY 5: FRENCH DAY at Symbiosis College! We displayed posters about French culture and landmarks, commented upon our slideshows and promoted French fashion and cuisine.

P1060934 P1060938 P1060942 P1060932 P1060920

P1060914 P1060912 P1060909  P1060906  P1060931

The highlight of the day was our show so much awaited for and I am proud to say that it was a real success! Congratulations to the students!

  P1060955  P1060957  P1060962  P1060978  P1060964

P1060968  P1060986  P1060994  P1060990  P1070049

DAY 6: We presented our work on Indian and French paintings and dance to each other.

P1070077    P1070079   P1070075

We also learnt Rangoli with Sanika’s mother, Mrs Gandhi. Patterns are created on the floor using materials such as coloured sand, flower petals or coloured rice.



P1070141 P1070131

The jury
The jury

DAY 7: We spent the rest of the weekend with our host families. Some of us went sightseeing, others went shopping or/and met the whole family.

WEEK 2, DAY 8 and 9: Hilda Davis organised a seminar entitled « Symbiosis, Understanding French art, literature and culture » . Various personalities and teachers from around the country gave some lectures.


P1070211On DAY 9 we took part in a Warli workshop organised by Utsav’s mother, Mrs Shah

P1070207 P1070201

DAY 10,11 and 12: we left to Aurangabad with our correspondants for three days where we visited Ellora‘s and Ajanta‘s impressive caves. Ellora’s caves were built between the 5th and 10th century. Ajanta’s date back to the second century BC.

P1070269 P1070275P1070316P1070381P1070387P1070320









We stayed in a training centre in Aurangabad financed by Tata where young people from rural areas can learn the various tasks to work in a hotel or/and restaurant. P1070336



We put up a small party:

P1070402 P1070408P1070399

We climbed to Daulatabad Fort at dawn:

P1070431 P1070433







DAY 13: After a day with our host family, our correspondants’ families organised a last get-together where everyone had to wear Indian clothes.

Very smart, guys!
Very smart, guys!
Camille made a speech in Hindi.
Camille made a speech in Hindi.







Some of our hosts... thank you!
Some of our hosts… thank you!

DAY 14: We travelled back to Mumbai with our correspondants. We had lunch at Insiyah’s mother’s nursery school. Mr and Mrs Breton who helped us organise this exchange joined us and were our guides for the afternoon:

P1070556 P1070564 P1070562 P1070567  P1070575

A few sights of Mumbai:

The Gate of India
The Gate of India





Our last good-byes at Mumbai‘s airport: